Welcome Mundo Azul to our EcoPartner program

We are super excited to have Mundo Azul, http://mundoazul.org/ aboard as one of our first EcoPartners.

Mundo Azul contributes to the conservation of biological diversity and nature, to sustainable development, to poverty reduction and to an improved human and animal welfare. Their objectives include:

  • Support, strengthen and implement all necessary measures for the conservation of nature and biodiversity, due to field work, research and environmental education and media work, as well as advocacy.
  • Support, strengthen and implement environmentally sustainable economic activities and fight poverty.
  • Improve human and animal welfare due to field work, by raising public awareness and by taking political action.

The creator of The Dolphin series books, film and characters is Sergio Bambaren, who is also a co-founder of Mundo Azul and has continued to contribute to it and other causes globally. His passion for Dolphins and the sustainability of the Oceans continues to inspire us all.

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