Welcome “Project Seahorse” as an Eco Partner

Project Seahorse has joined on as a founding eco-partner and to help ensure we promote key issues that affect our Oceans. http://seahorse.fisheries.ubc.ca/…give them a follow, like or a tweet!

Project Seahorse is a marine conservation organisation committed to the conservation and sustainable use of the world’s coastal marine ecosystems. We generate cutting-edge research and turn our findings into highly effective conservation interventions. They collaborate with other researchers, governments, and local communities.

By working to protect seahorses, Project Seahorse supports marine conservation more broadly. Seahorses suffer from the same pressures and benefit from many of the same interventions as other marine life. They are threatened by overfishing and habitat loss. Action for seahorse conservation directly benefits other marine animals, particularly when it comes in the form of marine protected areas or improved governance.

We look forward to working with Project Seahorse as they continue to do great work!!

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